Welcome to the Builders Club

If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.


Welcome to Storm's Builders Club
In the following listings you will find palace members who are offering their time, skills,
knowledge and assistance to help others in the community learn how to build rooms, animate,
make avatars and script. Please contact the builder/av maker/scriptor directly as per contact info provided.

***If you would like to join the Builders Club please contact one of Storms Techs***

StormPalaceHosting Disclaimer

Storm Palace Hosting will not be responsible for any damages, loss of data or monetary transactions or agreements
between builders and palace owners. Storm Palace Hosting makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied
for services provided by members of the Builders Club. In no way should it be assumed that Builder Club Members
are affliated with Storm Palace Hosting or that they are part of Storms Technical Support Staff while under contract
through the builders club. Should a technical issue arise please contact your host for technical support.
Storm Palace Hosting reserves the right to revise or discontinue the Builders Club and/or as well as any policies
without notice.


Contact Us If You Would Like to Script for Our Builders Club

"karissa" - Builder - Animations

Hi my names karissa ... I can build rooms with great detail to make them
look amazing and different with props that i make myself. I can also do most all animations.
Email: helen_indahouse@yahoo.co.uk

"ZINA" - Builder - Av Maker - Scripts - Cyborgs - SpHTech

Owner of Soul Seekers offering help:
Many years knowledge of room building, Av making and special
touches to making your rooms your own. Some scripting knowledge
with room and borg scripts. Feel free to contact with any
questions... if I don't know, we will learn together.
Email: zinafl@yahoo.com

"Carolynn" - Builder - Yahtzees - DJ

My name is Carolynn. I do regular rooms and can do yahtzee
rooms to go with your current script that you are using for them. I write down your
ideas and do my best to make it so your vision comes to life.
Email: dj_cherrydarlin@yahoo.com

"Rayne" - Builder

Hello, my name is rayne and through my years of being on palace I have learned
how to build rooms, yahtzee rooms, animations, layerings, transparencies and
personalizing of each room that I do build to your specifications. I enjoy
working with people and trying to make your dreams come true.
Email: raineyandcloudy@yahoo.com

"fire_Designer" ANIMATIONS - AV MAKER

Hi, my name is fire_Designer, I have been building on Palace for about 2-3yrs, but in other venues since '98.
I enjoy creating new rooms for your homes, or making unique tours unlike other's you have seen that reflect what you want.
I cut avatars, make banners, party holiday rooms on the fly & tubes.
Showcases of my work can be found on my Palace home "Fire's Custom Designs" or visit my website,
it is X-rated so please becareful where you open. thx.
Email: siddi1313@yahoo.com

whispers - Builder - Animations - DJ

Hello, my name is whispers I have built The Dragons Lair from the ground up.
I know most basic scripts, I can take lots of scripts and manipulate them to what is needed.
I have knowledge of animations, layering. I can build a room from scratch with your specifications.
So just let me know what you need and I can make it come to life.
Email: whispy1964@yahoo.com

Builders! Av Artists! Scripters! Animaters!

Do you love to build? Do you like helping others?
If so becoming a member of the Builders Club might be for you.
Contact us for details
Email: hosting@stormpalacehosting.com

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